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Snowboarding Tips - Tricks

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
50/50 Grind. Do an ollie onto a rail and keep your board parallel and flat. Let yourself slide. Do an ollie again at the end to get off the rail.
Air to fakie. While riding downhill, crouch down, twist your hips & shoulders and put your weight on your back foot. Then jump nose first, and turn 180 degrees.
Alley oop. In a halfpipe, keep your board flat as you hit the lip. Grab your board and do a 180 degree turn when you're in the air. Land with your board flat.
Butter. While riding downhill, lift the back of your board and pivot off the front to turn around. Put your nose down halfway through your turn and spin around.
Nose or Tail Roll. Do a wheelie and then turn 180 degrees to switch stances between regular and fakie. Keep your nose (or tail) in the air while your turning.
Ollies. Crouch down and shift your weight onto your back foot. Lift the nose of your board, level it in midair and raise your knees to your chest to jump.
Wheelie. While riding downhill, crouch down, shift your weight on your back foot and lift your front foot. Maintain your balance while your nose is airborne.
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