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Snowboarding Tips - Technique

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Both feet. Try to keep your weight evenly distributed between your two feet.
Falling backwards. When (not if) you catch your heel edge, you'll fall backward. Tuck your chin and twist your body so you don't fall straight on your tailbone.
Falling forward. When (not if) you catch your toe edge, you'll fall forward. Make fists, hold your arms in front or your chest and fall on your forearms.
Falling leaf. If you're starting out, practice skidding back and forth in a zig zag patter while staying on one edge. You can use this to get down any slope.
Garlands. If you've mastered the falling leaf, start to allow your board to turn straight down the mountain, but then turn back up when you want to slow down.
Getting off. As the chair approaches the ramp, twist sideways in your seat. Stand up with your weight on your front foot, put your back foot on your stomp pad.
Like a book. When you carry your board, put it under one arm like a book, with your hand holidng the middle of the board for balance.
Look to turn. Look in the direction you want to turn. Your shoulders, hips and legs will follow your head.
Skate it. If you're on flat or uphill terrain, unhook your back foot and use it to skate. Make short, quick strides with your back foot and bend your front knee
Stopping. Like a hockey stop on skates, bring your board perpendicular to the slope and dig your uphill edge in. Apply a lot of pressure fast.
Turning. Apply less and less pressure to your uphill edge until your board is pointed straight downhill. Then begin to apply pressure to your other edge.
Uphill edge. While you're snowboarding, always put pressure on the uphill edge of the board. Otherwise, you'll flip right over!
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