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Snow and Global Warming

Posted by Stephanie B.

I think it's truly sad that ski seasons are being cut short due to global warming. Here in California it seems the window to get out to the slopes is getting smaller and smaller.

I am not an avid snowboarder - unfortunately, I do not have a set group of die-hard friends to go snowboarding with regularly - so I go maybe once a year at most. But even then, it seems like when I do go out there, there's always some sort of issue of not enough snow...even in February.

I hope this improves...otherwise our children will have to ski indoors on artificial slopes someday.

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I love winters - it is my favorite season after spring. But it seems that everywhere, winters are getting shorter and warmer. The really cold weather just does not seem to come around-- and you are right- it is sad to think our kids or their kids after them will not be able to enjoy winter the same way we did.
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