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Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Posted by Dmitriy P.

soo, i've been skiing for a while now... (about 5 years).. and i used to snowboard a bit (befor i started skiing) but recently, everytime i went up to tahoe with my friends, they have all been snowboarding... and that made me want to get back on my board... i'm still a bit rusty.. but its slowly coming back..yay
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Sweet. I'm hearing about a ton of people I know from Santa Fe (and Taos, NM) who are snowboarding for the first time after skiing for 20 years. They've recently opened up a few ski-only mountains to snowboarders.

Apparently (from what I've heard) it's easier to go from snowboarding to skiing than from skiing to snowboarding. I guess I should try skiing sometime to see what it's like. I've only been a snowboarder.

I feel that you can't compare or contrast the two. Skiiing is easier to learn but harder to get good at and snowboarding is harder to learn but once you master that its easy to get good at. its like compary apples and oranges though...can't be done.
I totally agree with ThomasJaocob.  They are two different activities.  They both have easy and difficult aspects but one isn't easier than the other.  It would be like comparing running to cycling.  They're different.
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