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Cambridge, Canada
I'm an actor/photographer in Cambridge ON, Canada. Not far from Toronto. I originally took Fitnesss and Health Promotions at Fanshawe College before coming out as an artsy. I'm a dad to a great little girl:).
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I may be HIV positive. My family used my toothbrush on vacation and I may have bleed on it. Is it possible that they may have co

rinsed it somewhat. I may be HIV+. I'm experiencing acute HIV symptoms. Fever, swollen lymph nodes, Flu-ish all week, like mono....

little tiny red specks

My 11 year old told me today that she was feeling like she wanted to vomit htis morning so I kept her from school. Later I noticed little tiny red...
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Feb 09 2010 by Jennifer L.
Yes health maven's are the experts in answering the health questions on this website.
Feb 09 2010 by Jennifer L.
I personally feel that is a possibility. You can form allergies towards certain things as you get older. However, you might want to double check by asking that question to our health mavens on this site. Hope that helps!
Feb 09 2010 by Jennifer L.

Hi snapshottwin, 

My name is Jennifer and I am a part of Wellpshere's community team and I would like to welcome you to Wellsphere!

 It's a great place to get answers as well as share your health and healthy living experiences. Feel free to ask/answer questions, leave comments on interesting blog posts, set goals to work towards, and make new friends! Hope all is well in Canada!

 If you ever need need help, don't hesitate to send me a message. Have fun! 


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