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I have had problems getting a good night's sleep for almost 20 years. I have tried a few changes off and on during that time (including moving from a noisy building) without much luck. It is only recently that I have taken this issue far more seriously and performed more research and discussed... Full Bio
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Not just an earthly problem!

Not that sleep-deprivation is the biggest danger to astronauts in space, this article includes some interesting sleep related...

Black Friday

I do have to say I don't understand those who went shopping this morning before the crack of dawn to look for bargains with thousands of their...


Here is a great article about many sleep issues, including the issue of fragmented sleep that I have troubles with, and the positive effect of a...

Why do we battle the signal?

Sleep is such a critical part of everyone's health and without it our quality of life deteriorates quite rapidly (as many of us kn0w). Our body...

Another Drug-Free Sleep Strategy

This article is a very interesting take on using self-hypnosis to get to sleep. I love the term the author used, "de-zombie-fying", to describe what...

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