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Why do I bite my tongue in my sleep

Posted by pmcpeters

I have noticed over the last few months that I sometimes bite my tongue in my sleep. I do not bite hard enough to draw blood. I will still be asleep and I will actually feel it. I will then wake up and it will take a minute or two for me to be able to stop myself. I will bite the sides of my tongue and hold it there. I sometimes feel my tongue going between my teeth while I am awake and I have to stop myself. What could be causing this?
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 I have the same problem I think it’s the positioning of my head.  I usually sleep on my right side with two pillows and that’s the side I bite.  Are you doing the same?   

It has been a while since I have bitten my tongue but, it didn't matter how I was laying. I would bite all sides. I still don't know what caused it though. I did buy a mouth guard to use a night. And it really did help.

I often sleep upright becuase of constant spasm in legs and feet. However while doing so I tend to wake up with my tongue tightly held between my teeth and have to take a minute or two to peel my teeth from my tongue. Why is this and what can I do about the tongue problem.
So what can I do for the rawness I create on my tongue and cheeks???
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