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What's the long term affect of SpO2 in the 50's from sleep apnea over a few decades? What's the prognosis for recovery?

Posted by Wes F. Facebook

I've had apnea since I was born.  It wasn't a big deal until my late 20's when "middle age spread" crept in.  I know what apnea is and have found a few thousand web sites that provide lots of high level information and hawking CPAP gear.

During my sleep study, my SpO2 was in the 50's regularly.  The sleep specialist mentioned someting along the lines of "bad things happen to the body" and "you shouldn't be alive".  What I can't find is any information as to what potential affects this level of oxygen has on the body over 20 years or so.  Are there structural weaknesses that probably should be checked for?  I'd hate to start an exercise regimine and have a heart attack because my heart muscle is shot.

I'd also like to know if the body "heals itself" from these conditions now that I'm on CPAP and SpO2 is at normal levels.

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