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What Is The Purpose of Dreaming? Part 1

Posted Mar 20 2009 6:20am

Many people and researchers have been asking for a long time, what is the purpose of dreaming? For what reason do we have dreams? Scientists are still having difficulty resolving the unexplained, supernatural phenomena of dreams because they are spiritual in nature. Scientist are able to prove that dreams exist and they appear to be important but cannot yet explain why, nor can they logically explain their purpose. Some scientists have agreed that dreams are a separate entity from sleep, meaning that sleep is for resting the body but dreams appear to have another purpose.

 Research has shown that people who are deprived from entering REM sleep (rapid eye movement), exhibit symptoms of irritability and anxiety. In one dream study, volunteers were woken up right before they entered into the dream state. Then they were allowed to fall back to sleep. Again, right before they enter REM sleep, they were woken up.  This continued on through the night. The volunteers slept the same amount of time as they normally did. The next day, these volunteers went about their day. They were observed to be disoriented, depressed, crabby, and quick tempered. There was a general impairment in their daily functioning.  Some ate more than usual as a means to stay awake and alert. Others drank lots of caffeine.

As this study continued on through several nights, subjects became more and more   agitated.  Deprivation of REM sleep causes over-sensitivity, lack of concentration and memory loss.  This study shows the importance of having a good night sleep but doesn’t answer why we have dreams.

Through years of study (both academically and personal research), I have found that some of our early ancestors (of which we spoke of in the introduction of this manuscript), seemed to know more about dreaming then we gave credit for. Having worked in the field of Dream Therapy for years now, I have concluded that t he purpose of the dream is to; solve a problem, create a new idea, foresee future events, gain knowledge and understanding about self and others, visit with our loved ones on the other side, and last but not least, to face our internal demons!  

  I am convinced, from my own personal experiences, that dreams have a spiritual purpose as well. I have personally experienced each type of the above-mentioned dreams.

I have resolved problems, worked through repressed emotions and created an inventive idea. I saw my children before they were ever born and I knew their sex and their names before they ever saw daylight. I have been given wise advice and clear understanding of what I needed to do to help someone or to help my self with a concern of the heart. In my dreams, I have visited with many loved ones from the other side and I wrestled with many demons (metaphorically) that needed subdued.  


  My research began at the early age of 12, out of curiosity and a need to know why I had so many dreams. However, what I discovered and experienced over the years has proven to me, that dreams are sent to us either from (ourselves) the lower consciousness of man (ego), the subconscious mind (the soul) or   from the higher levels of consciousness to include spiritual entities, the universe and the Divine (of which I choose to call “God Consciousness.”) Each level of consciousness produces a different type of dream.   Allow me to elaborate further by giving some background from the original Dream Doctors;

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