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what does dreams mean?

Posted by ballashley

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Dreams mean many things.....

Oftentimes we are working through everyday problems as our body sleeps, the mind continues to work as does the spirit.

Other times we just can't seem to get an answer to a problem, so one is sent from the heavenly realms, I like to refer to this sender as God.

Whenever you look at your dreams try to be the observer as if watching a movie. What is the theme of the movie, what are the characteristics of the actors, including you? Does the main character in the movie (you) seem to be running, seeking, hiding, finding, chaotic or whatever other action may manafest. The action depicts either the mental state you are in or one you may need to take in order to solve a problem. Are you confronting someone or is there a need to confront someone?

Lastly, the persons, places and things in our dreams often symbolize  a personal meaning to you (the dreamer).  If you were to dream of a donkey, would that donkey represent a political party (democrats) or would it symbolize a characteristic in yourself such as being "stubborn?" Yes there are some universal meanings to some symbols but the dreamer is the ultimate interpreter.

Its great you are beginning to ask's a start. I pray you continue your journey into the world of dreams.



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