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What Do You Want To Know About Sleep?

Posted Feb 22 2010 2:14am

Do you count sheep?

What insomnia cures have you tried?  Have you had any lasting success?

You know that my insomnia program uses brainwave entrainment so I would be interested in hearing from you on that topic .

By the way I am getting some really great feedback on my free email course ‘How To Sleep’ which is a series of sleep tips by email’. Lots of people are finding it very helpful which I love to hear. Here is one comment I got last week:

hi thanx for the tips… i am actually feeling much better with all your recommendations…Moreover, i used to take lexotanil 1.5mg but now i am taking only half of it…Also, i used to take 3 pills of stablon and now it is reduced to 2 per day only…As for laroxyl 40 mg, i am taking only 5 drops per night…thanx a lot for all your tips…i will be visiting Mr Dr (neurologue) this week. Bye Noorie

and another said in relation to the free relaxation audio that goes with the email course:

That was a compilation of some of the most beautiful tones I’ve heard. I kept thinking I could feel or see it somehow. It didn’t make me sleepy of course but immediately all my vitals slowed and steadied. I could have easily handled anything. No exterior sounds phased and stray thoughts never finished. The bell tone though…after the first one, they all pierced my skull like a nail…each less than the previous one until I finally couldn’t feel it at all…strange? I guess you hear all kinds of thoughts but there’s mine. I had a great time…I should do this more often. Thanks! Tracey Holland

So I feel as if I am doing some good in the world, which is a nice feeling! If you want to join the happy people you can sign up above.

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