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What could be the cause of sudden numbness in my arms while sleeping?

Posted by MoMama

It has been two nights in a row now that I've experienced numbness in my arms while sleeping. It does not matter what position I lie in — I tried them all. I slept for a bit on my right side, my back, left side and stomach and all of them resulted in the same thing. Then, this morning at a cycling class, while I was riding a "hill" in a standing position for an extended period of time, my entire left arm went numb and it took about a half hour to recover. (No, it wasn't a heart attack. I had no other symptoms of a heart attack whatsoever). 

I had a baby almost 17 months ago with no complications. Other than that, I am a perfectly healthy 35 year old woman who eats right and works out 4-5 x a week. I've never experienced anything like this before except when I was pregnant and could not put pressure on the veina cava ...

Any ideas on what this could be would be appreciated. 


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what are the efficient exercise or strecthing for whom who suffering numbness on his arm, leg while sleeping at night
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