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What can i do or suggest to a person who recently fel asleep while driving and got into an accident?

Posted by honorsaphira

My mother just recently has noticed while driving there are times she has to pull over cuz she cant keep her eyes open no matter what she does. She was on her way home from an outta town trip and she felt tired.. she says she was close to home so she thought she would make it... but she didnt she fel asleep behind the wheel. She hit the guard rail on the left side on car and procceeded to spin around and hit the guard rail on the left. She hit her head on the window trying to correct the car. However , she claims she didnt wake up until she hit the second time.  Luckly nothing was coming, but whos to say the next time she will be soo lucky.  i am worried about her ,, but she doesnt want me to tell anyone in fear of loosing her licence. to that she never filled out an accident report .. she just drove home...  What can i do or suggest??? i am scared to be in the car with her i am scared she will hurt herself or somebody else.
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