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Visitation from The Deceased

Posted May 29 2009 10:47pm

A Visit from the Deceased
by Dr Kathy Pfaff

Appearances from loved ones that have passed on occur more then we think. In our sleeping state we are closer to them than when we are awake because we are able to connect spiritually and ego and logic don’t get in the way.

In the sleeping state, everyone has the ability to experience astral travel. Our physical bodies need rest but our spirit has no need for sleep. So while the body is resting the mind and spirit remain quite busy. Our spirit is able to travel to places where we can meet up with our loved ones through our dreams.

A symbol in a dream
Sometimes a deceased loved one can become a part of our dreams as one of the actors in the play of coded symbols. Then through the divide and analyze interpretation technique, we use the memories associated with them to understand the meaning behind that particular dream. Your subconscious uses these loved ones just like every other symbol in its composition of a dream.

A visitation is more than a dream.
There is a noticeable difference between a dream and a visitation. In the latter, the spirit of the loved one appears spontaneously and unexpectedly as the unmistakable central focus. Its image may be much brighter than in an ordinary dream. It can simply be a face to face momentary meeting with a full or partial image and no more than that. Or, it can involve an issue that has some relevance between the person and the spirit. In either case, the visitation usually leaves the dreamer with a feeling of having been in another world when they awake.

A visit from Dad.
When my Dad passed away from cancer, I didn’t have a chance to say good-bye. I asked God if I could visit with him just one more time. I was blessed with a dream with my Dad. We spoke telepathically and more like friends then a Father Daughter role. He showed me he was healed and no longer in pain. He told me I was on the right path and I should continue on my spiritual journey. I could see he was very sad, feeling remorse from his lifestyle in the physical (he was a long time alcoholic). He told me that he had not learned all his life lessons and that he needed to help the boys (my brothers). I felt love from him and felt satisfied when I woke up from the dream. Granted it was not the happiest visit like others I’ve had, but it was one of the most memorable because of the place he was in.

Other awesome visits have been from my Mother in law who comforted me as I was grieving my divorce from her son. My Grandmother is often around and visits with a word of knowledge on occasion. The best visit I had was with Princess Diana. I had always wished to meet her as out personalities were a lot alike and I admired her. She was as wonderful on the other side as she was here on earth. We met at a playground with children playing in the background. It was so natural, so relaxing like I have known her all my life.

After this dream, she felt whole again and accepted his death. She felt that he had spoken to her from heaven.

They just drop in to say “Hi”
Spirits don’t only come to resolve issues, they may appear just because the opportunity presents itself like friends that drop in unexpectedly and unannounced. Don’t ever be frightened by their appearance, greet them just as though they were in the flesh and thank them for dropping in to check up on you.

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