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uvula and cough

Posted by eyedoc

I have had a cough(clearing the throut for years). I have been treated for allergy, acid reflux, asthma with no relief. I feel I need to constantly clear my throat. Eating something dry like crackers makes it worse. I was told I had an enlarged uvula but that it was not the source of the problem. Could it still be? Is it possible that uvulectomy might relieve my constant throut clearing?

                                                                  Thank You,

                                                                              Mark Goldberg

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I am exactly the same as you - i've been coughing for over 10 years now - I do have asthma - but have been treated for acid reflux (which I don't believe I have)and have had a broncoscopy (nothing found). I recently read an article on larangeal sensitivity (which sounded spot on) and also enlarged uvula. I am sick of being sent away from my GP's with no answers.  I am now trying to diagnose myself (which will go down well at the surgery - NOT).  I am just so sick of the cough - it feels always like there is something in my throat and I feel like when you have a frog in your throat and you are trying to cough it up.  I do sometimes have a productive cough, and I believe this is related to my asthma.  I don't think I have post nasal drip. Everybody I have now read about  with enlaged uvulas have a chronic cough. I hope this helps. If you get any luck, please do let me know. This cough is taking over my life and making me very miserable. Good luck ;0)

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