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Trouble Sleeping All In The Mind?

Posted Nov 07 2008 10:36pm

Are you restless and not sleeping at nighttime? Trouble sleeping is definitely something everyone could do without. It’s a known fact that we humans are sleeping fewer hours than we used to. With the stresses of life, it is in all probability the last thing we need.

What is funny is that although we have reduced the amount of hours we sleep a night, we can’t seem to make use of those precious hours. Rather we spend the night tense and awake. Regardless of what we attempt, whether we take sleep aids, count sheep or better our sleep habits, we still wind up unable to sleep well.

If you've searched for tips on insomnia, you might have discovered the same regurgitated advice that you've found before. It's possible to find good information on the Internet about insomnia and sleeping problems, however what it comes down to is carrying out the information.

There is no magic bullet for sleep problems and sleeplessness. It requires time to overcome a sleep disorder, particularly if you've suffered for a long period, but it is accomplishable. Most of us believe that there has to be some form of instant cure for not sleeping. It is this ideality that we have got from society that there must be an instantaneous means to achieve anything.

Micro waved meals, slimming tablets, fast cars, instant six-pack machines, the list is endless. We are a country that can't live without convenience; we don’t need it in ten mins, we have to have it in 5. Perhaps our brains and bodies aren't suited for such a fast paced life. It’s difficult to believe that humans thousands of years ago were hunters and gatherers living in caves (in all likelihood sleeping more wholesomely too!).

There is no uncertainty that a significant proportion of the population feels the difficulties of living. Anxiety and clinical depression are becoming as common as the cold. With ever more individuals relying on sleep meds to deal with trouble sleeping, the mindset that insomnia quick fixes are the solution becomes more established into society.

Large pharmaceutical companies only feed the world's need for fast answers. Foolish when you consider that sleep problems develop into varied levels and forms. It’s almost impossible to get away from the lures of alleged ‘instant fixes for sleep problems’ but what is there to do when we are desperate to sleep well?

Believe it or not, the answer lies inside you to cure insomnia. Yes, your subconscious is the solution. It’s the subconscious mind that makes us the way we are. Your emotions, opinions and chemical reactions are all derived from your subconscious. It is here we are able to learn, create and evolve ourselves further.

Using unconventional methods and therapies, it is possible to link up with the unconscious and alter it to produce gradual changes to how we sleep. We can educate our brains to do extraordinary things, surely learning to sleep better shouldn't be difficult. For many, it can be, because negative thought processes and habits are sometimes profoundly rooted in the unconscious. But with time and motivation, every person has the power to control their own minds.

Just as you instill negative habits and learn how not to handle with life’s battles, you can do the opposite. Instead of wanting to shout and curl up into a ball when faced with life’s difficulties, you can learn how to approach them with confidence. Rather than responding negatively in a situation, you can choose to let it pass.

Deliberate all the awesome things that the human race is able to do. We have constructed bridges that span for miles, skyrocketed man into space and even broken down the human DNA. Surely a thing as easy as experiencing a restorative night rest is within our reach.

For nearly all sleepless people a change is needed in how to overcome sleeping problems. Stop believing that there is a quick fix for everything. It is a proven fact that sleeping pills are no more effective than a placebo and many who suffer from chronic insomnia become chronic users.

If you desire good sleep, you need to really focus on your life-style and more significantly make gradual alterations. No one in this world understands you better than you do. Your thinking, your emotions, your concerns and anxieties can be controlled by you. Don't worry about overcoming sleeplessness overnight; concentrate on carrying out good sleep hygiene and reaching to the heart of the cause.


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