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Too Much Tension Can Cause Chronic Insomnia

Posted Nov 29 2008 1:26am

Stress and tension can build up in our bodies without us even knowing. Telltale signs such as a headache or neck ache might give us indication that we’re under stress, but by this point we are already suffering the effects of stress.

Too much stress and tension can be bad for our psychological and physical health and can wreak havoc with sleep. In this day and age, people are so accustomed to experiencing stress in the day they often accept it as part of life.

Most people might associate stress with feelings of anger, however feelings such as resentment and frustration are triggers for stress. Simply working in a dull job or just not being appreciated at work can cause negative emotions.

In many cases a person may not have any strong thoughts about their position or remark that they feel particularly upset. This is because over time a person can grow used to particular situations and environments. Just like a worker can grow use to working in a noisy factory.

They may get home feeling no different than usual, but once they get into bed or relax on the sofa. They realize how tense and exhausted they feel. Conscious thoughts start bubbling to the surface and they begin to feel restless and irritable.

They may feel tired and sleepy, but feel tense when they get into bed. They might also find it hard to relax their muscles and get comfortable – experiencing aches and pains frequently. Racing thoughts is another common problem that affects poor sleepers.

Tension can build up in the mind and body and over the day. So it’s important to be able to release some, if not all of this tension before we sleep. You might think an hour in front of the TV is enough to relax you, but believe it or not, watching TV can be highly stimulating for the brain.

Even such activities such as reading or surfing the net can be highly stimulating. What your mind needs is deep relaxation to help release mental tension. Activities such as listening to relaxing music, having a massage or hot bath can greatly reduce muscle tension.

It’s important to realize the importance of relaxation. Our minds and bodies are not designed to be barraged with constant stress and tension. Make an effort to reduce stress through relaxation in both the day and evening. Simply spending 10 minutes twice a day in a quiet place meditating can do wonders to reduce stress and improve health and well-being.

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