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The goal of the dream therapist ...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

The goal of the dream therapist is to help you to interpret your dreams and to offer objective insight, experience, knowledge and spiritual guidance. Not everyone has a need for these things, therefore not needing a Dream therapist. Maybe your Pastor or fellowship of other believers, offer guidance in these areas. There are many books and websites that offer education about dream interpretation and understanding the symbolic language. There are discussion groups and Blogs that offer dream interpretation help too.

A dream therapist is one who chooses to use dream therapy, (interpretation of dreams) as the primary method to help you onto the road to recovery and healing. Often times they are educated at a Masters level of counseling but choose a more spiritual/ holistic approach to healing.

The founder of Gestalt Psychology, Max Werthiemer (1880-1943), believed that therapy should address the overall person…the whole person, not just the individual parts. This concept should apply to all therapy including dream therapy. Example: If a person came to me as an alcoholic, the first step would be to get him sober. But what about his physical illnesses caused by years of drinking? How has drinking affected his mental health or his emotional well being? What about his relationships? Should that be addressed? What about triggers that can often cause relapse? What about developing a support system such as AA? What about the possible causes that started lead to his addiction? ALL of these areas need to be addressed in order for the alcoholic to remain sober and recover from his addiction. It’s a Process, just as interpreting dreams is a process. The days of Daniel and Joseph are rarely seen. Very few dream therapists can interpret a dream without some input from the dreamer.

Getting the alcoholic sober is not the only goal of a counselor or therapist. Our God wants us to heal on all levels; Body, mind and soul as well as developing a closer relationship with Spirit. To understand a dream, we have to look at it as a whole picture. Therefore a dream therapist may ask questions pertaining to your health, your family history and other questions relating to the dream at hand. The more information the therapist has, based on your input, the easier it is to offer an accurate interpretation.

The dream is sent to You and the message is for You. Therefore, YOU need to be part of the interpretation process. Dreams offer healing and guidance on many levels which takes experience, education and divine wisdom to know the meaning of any given dream. You may get a prophecy, a word of insight, information about another person, a warning, a blessing and a list of characteristics pertaining to you. So, if you are unsure whether or not you need the help of a professional, think about some of the circumstances below. You might need a dream therapist if;

1. You’ve had a dream that disturbs you emotionally and can’t seem to interpret the meaning.

2. You are going through some turmoil in your life and you desire spiritual guidance or intervention.

3. You have a mental disorder and you have been to the psychiatrist for medication, but you need more than just medicine to work through the possible causes, triggers, emotions and/or nightmares.

4. You have been praying for God to send a sign or an answer to your prayers through a dream. You receive a dream but you need some understanding and confirmation about the message given.

5. You have continual nightmares disrupting your emotional well being. Often times these nightmares repeat the same or similar theme.

6. You have been abused, raped, or re-living a trauma that keeps you from moving forward. You suffer from continual fear and/or anxiety and have a need for spiritual insight.

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