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The Deceased Visit us in Our Dreams

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

My clients often ask me if we can visit our deceased family or friends within our dreams. The answer is absolutely YES! Whenever our loved ones pass over from human to Spirit form, they seek out loved ones they left behind to somehow let them know that they are okay. We as humans often overlook the physical signs as well as the impressions we may receive so some spirits have no other choice but to reach us through our dreams.

Many people have described their dreams with relatives as very real and the conversation is genuine. Recently a dear friend of mine, Frank, told me about several dreams he has had about his Grandfather. His Grandfather came to him to comfort him about a physical condition that killed both Grand-dad and Frank’s Mother. Frank is near the age that his family members died of this same heart disease and he worries about his own life as he has been in/out of the hospital with complications. Currently Frank is on the waiting list for a heart transplant. His Grandfather reassures him that it’s coming and Frank will have many more years to live.

I was saddened by Princess Diana’s death because she is one person I had always admired and hoped to someday meet her. Well, I asked God to visit with her and sure enough we met in my dream. She was on a bench at a playground watching children play and I sat next to her. What an awesome lady! We chatted as though we had been friends for years. That dream was such a blessing!

Another dream I had was with my Father after he died of cancer. I needed reassurance he was healed and on the other side. We spoke telepathically as with most dream conversations go, and he showed me his body was healed but it was his “spirit that needed more work.” He was not a religious man and had many regrets before he died. He told me he had not learned all of his life lessons while on earth and would be working on those on the other side. He told me to stay on the path I am on as this was God’s will for me. Dad said he would be helping my brothers from the otherside to find their way back to God’s purpose. I knew what he meant.

Dream visitations are quite common. In the sleep state our minds are no longer conscious and rational, therefore the defense mechanism that prohibits us from accepting the unseen world is asleep, being open to spiritual influence. Sometimes these visits are warnings, sometimes comfort and sometimes just because they miss you! My girlfriend Katie just told me this week that she dreamt of her husband to passed away from cancer over a year ago. She says, “I know when he is with me when I am awake but at night when he visits in my dreams, its always nice to hear that he still loves me.”

Until next time!

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