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sweating when sleeping different times than normal

Posted by alan h.

ive been a bit of a night hawk most of my life which is fine, however when i have to go to bed early and get up early for work i sweat very heavy in the small hours, this never happens on nightshift or my days off when im up late and get out of bed in afternoon, could this be because im sleeping different hours than ive been used to.or any other ideas? cheers
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Hi Alan,

Night sweats are still a puzzle to me. I have researched this one for a while. Below are some of the possible reasons for the sweats. In your case it could just be stress on the body from such extreme changes in schedules. Do you find you are more anxious when you know you have to get up so early? Anxiety creats adrenlin which makes the body work harder, even while we sleep. I've made a list of other possibilities which a doctor could easily (or not) diagnose.


 In the last six  months, I have been waking up around 5 a.m. with my clothes completely drenched. It?s as if I went swimming in my clothes. I change my clothing and go back to sleep and sometimes this pattern happens again and other times I wake up dry. Having to wash sheets and pj's on a daily basis is no fun either. My Doctor has found nothing to explain why this happens.

What are the causes of night sweats?

There are many causes of night sweats and some are yet to be determined. The following are some of the known conditions that can cause night sweats and maybe you should ask your Doctor to check into some of these possible reasons.


The post cut off some of the info....

This website gave some conditions that might be a problem for you, cant hurt to check it out.

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