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soul break volley fly to his hands

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:39am
Extremely difficult to control, vulnerable to counter-fire. "Ghost Fearless" waved his hand, that the party "soul break volley fly to his hands, left hand roll and that soul break they came. "I heard a very muffled roar, rather like something pushed to break the whole thing." Here, I have the original user's soul you removed, however, the only, etc. You have reached the level of 'heavenly' to be able to use. "" ghost tianshic "in turn handed soul break sunglass, eyes a turn, found on the ground of Soul Eater banner," ; ah? Mishina the Soul Eater flag? "" Oh, but forged black heart fire, cold and ruthless, and may not be suitable for you to use, on the formation Talisman touches restraint law-abiding, but unfortunately, there are still twelve shortcomings or down can be regarded as your first test. "ghost Fearless" seems to think what it lightly smile and then, long-sleeved waved a palm sack dumped in a the the sunglass the front. "This is Qiankun Dai, including a fake oakleys courtyard the size of I 'ghost workers' veins books are stacked, forging the required matrix method, as well as some tips books, astronomy, geography, hiding in which you no matter when see more, do they must not slacken promise not a few days or a major natural disaster to befall, before that I hope you can appreciate the Talisman Eudemons the Dharma. "ghost tianshic dropped the heaven and earth bags, they turned to leave. sunglass open that Qiankun Dai a look, send trace gas force inside and felt the front of a flower, to a space the size of a radius of ten acres, there is filled with "ghost workers" clock books, forging techniques, as well as how to use the Talisman beast fighting the law, there are some battle of the law, even some astronomy, geography, medicine Road Disguise dense, no less than the hundreds of books, heterogeneous and complicated, so people get confused. sunglass touches my heart a music, his nature favorite thing to do is to read the books, so the sea of ​​books not only did not let his heart Dayton tired, but my heart coursing, the one thing in the world, not done overnight by, you want to become a real the Wudao Jiang, knowledge essential, This is a truth that he has long understood he first broadly sweeping the name of a book about the last election a "FIGHTING base meaning" to come up to look at. this the "FIGHTING foundation meaning" introductory books is forging matrix method, which carefully describes the origin and power of the forging matrix method. forging matrix method in accordance with forging level is divided into a total '10th character array', 'a hundred character array ',' thousands of character array ',' the Wan Fu array ',' million character array 'legendary' Xinghai character array 'six character array represents a forged six levels - apprentice, Carpenter division, the Masters, Kathrine, Fearless, as well as legendary has been illusory "forging of God." sunglass Today's strength, only to draw the soul fire Talisman can only be regarded as an apprentice to do chores that melted pig iron in the blacksmith shop where even the hammer did not qualify to get However Once the cheap oakley sunglasses fire Talisman Huanshou is the soul, to have to be the craftsman's qualifications. sunglass rather invest even dragon fire to deliver meals are never noticed. a book waiting for him after reading, unconsciously, the day had passed away and he Hing
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