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Sleep Apnea, Gluten Sensitivity and Yeast or Staph Infection can these be related?

Posted by jennydarling

My 6 month old daughter has Sleep Apnea.  She is Gluten Sensitive,  and she has been dealing with a yeast possible a staph infection for that passed 5 months.  I am wondering if what the doctors deem as small problems (IE:  Yeast (possible Staph)  and Gluten Sensitivity can be related to Sleep Apnea.  The doctors have done tons of test on her and really can't figure out why she is doing it.  I keep asking but they ignore me and say those are small things.  I think they are related but I am finding it hard to find any research supporting my theory and Doctors won't listen to me until I come up with some concrete information.  PLEASE help me find any information that links to these situations. 

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Hi, I am certain that they are interrelated. Gluten avoidance is definitely a must along with ALL grains, legumes, and dairy. There is a great book explaining all of this and the reasons why people experience problems without knowing why.   Here you can find all of your answers and I highly encourage you to read Robb's book "The Paleolithic Solution"
Yeast (candida) has a HUGE impact on many things (brain chemistry, hormones, etc.)  Hormonal balance is imperative to sleep.  Please consider seeing an osteopath-- she'll have a medical degree but is more holistic in her approach. Perhaps read "Gut and Psychology". A no sugar/no starch diet might be the way to go. That even means no beans (they are starchy) or sweet potatoes (starches). Avoid peanuts as they may contain mold. I pray someone will listen to you-- don't give up!
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