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Restless Leg Syndrome

Posted Jan 17 2009 2:53am

exercise helps reduce restless leg syndrome

A new study suggests that low iron levels in certain parts of the brain may be to blame for restless leg syndrom. This is a new research finding and may eventually lead to a  treatment. Iron deficiency anemia itself can lead to RSL, but treating low iron is not  a solution to the iron deficiency in the brain uncovered by this research. Further work is needed to see how the parts of the brain that are low in iron can be targeted.

Meanwhile RSL is a problem that so far doesn’t have a satisfactory cure although various home remedies can help to relieve it. Here are some things that experts recommend for this trying condition:

  • Take a daily walk or other exercise,
  • Stretch your legs before and after your exercise
  • Massage your legs daily to improve circulation
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol 2 to 3 hours before bedtime
  • Keep to a regular bedtime routine
  • Take only prescription medications
  • If stress is a factor learn relaxation techniques.

This video describes another kind of exercise that may help you.

Exercise Tips for Treating Restless Leg Syndrome — powered by

I also found some good information on RSL here.

There is another article on RSL on this site that might inerest you too.

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