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Reoccurring Dreams return as an adult, Why?

Posted Jun 02 2010 8:37pm

"I keep having reacurring dreams that my partner is sleeping with an old friend from school, i dont know why as things are fine between us but i cry loads and breath really heavy, i have been having these dreams every night for a month now. i have a 2 and a half year old daughter who keeps me very busy during the day, im 20 years old and think that im young to have a problem with sleep. when i was younger i used to have a reaccuring dreams every night that ended up with me crying, sweating and breathing heavy and fast! please could someone help me find out what could be causing this? "

 Dear dreamer,

You mentioned in your message that you suffered from crying and breathing heavy when you were younger. Did you ever resolve the problem then?

You could just be carrying old emotional baggage that is yet to be resolved.

The old friend, can be symbolic of you being the old friend....the nightmare re-visiting.  unresolved pain from our past continues to show up some how, some way exposing it's hold on you. eventually this old friend will go away, only to return again at another time. 

The friend as you remember from school, was she anything like you in those days and were you having these same kinds of dreams then? The school age girl inside of you is the one sleeping with your partner...understand?


Hope this helps...





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