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Purpose of Dreaming - part 3- Lower Level of consciousness-

Posted Mar 20 2009 7:04am

Three Levels of Consciousness

Lower Level consciousness

Dreams from the lower level of consciousness are just a dream, often times revealing the concerns of the day. These types of dreams will put the more dominant emotion in a picture form that will mirror what’s going on in your head. If you are worried about a test then the dream will show you what worried looks like. A very busy person during the day seems to have very busy dreams at night. The fearful person will have more scary dreams…and so on. I call these dreams, “The Busy Beaver” and “the spicy Burrito dream” They offer no guidance per se’ other then a clear, common sense message of, “don’t eat spicy burritos before bed or you’ll get indigestion and have dumb dreams.” OR, “ I really need to slow down and relax before bed or I’ll have busy dreams and wake up tired.” OR, “I have to stop watching those scary shows/movies before bed, they always give me nightmares.” DUH!


There are conscious dreams triggered by outside noises such as honking horns, police sirens, church bells, fighting cats, spouse’ snoring, dogs barking, children playing etc. Then there are those physical dreams when you dream your arm is falling off because it’s going numb from you laying on it. My favorite dream is being in a health spa and getting a painful massage, only to wake up to my cat kneading on my back with his claws out…ouch!   A nice physical dream would include making love, getting hugs from the kids, eating at your favorite restaurant, or getting licked on the face by your slobbery dog…okay, so the last example wasn’t so nice, but you get the idea, right?  


There are other lower conscious dreams that cause you restlessness according to the emotion/s you are feeling before bed. Emotional dreams can manifest at any level of consciousness, but at this level they tend to be associated with your self- esteem, vanity or wishful thinking, “Will my blind date like me,” OR “My blind date is going to love me in these new tight jeans.” OR “I wish I’d win the lottery so I could travel to Vegas.” because I look hot on my new Harley.” Women tend to worry about their looks and can be as vain as some men can. They may also worry about the kids, the house, the job, the finances, etc. If there is a big sport event coming up and you have money on it, that excitement and hope of winning could show itself in a dream or the fear of losing the game might show up in a restless and busy dream. Again, these types of dreams are everyday concerns and occurrences about life or involve wishful thinking. Dreams such as these are often forgotten or not remembered at all.


continued in Part 4 - The Subconscious

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