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Pain in thigh while lying down in bed

Posted by Steph

Have never been on a health forum before, so not sure how it all works. Am hoping someone will be able to advise me.  When I lie down in bed (and only then) I get a dull ache in my front thigh muscle (probably Rectus femoris), which crept up very slowly about a month ago. It always happens when lying on my back or on my right side. Till a day or so ago, no problem when lying on my left side, but last night even that hurt. The pain has become more intense, and I have to shift my position and stretch out the leg as if I have cramp. In fact that's what it feels like, the pain of cramp without the spasm. My doctor has admitted he has no idea what the problem is and has recommended taking anti inflammatories morning and evening. I have done this for a week, not only no improvement, it's getting worse. At least 9 times before I lost count last night, and once in my right leg! I have not done anything to strain the leg during the day. I am a secondary school science teacher, so my days are quite active, moving around all day, not sitting at a desk, though at present I am not taking any exercise (gym etc). Does anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be?
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I've been watching your post in hopes someone would answer!  I have exactly the same problem---upper thigh(s) aching only when reclined, often several times through the night... such pain that it wakes me up.  Only relief is to stand up or bring both knees together "tented" while on my back for a few minutes.  I'm wondering if perhaps it isn't some kind of nerve problem.  I, too, am school personnel, active and moving all day, gym 3 times a week, walking 1-2 miles 2-3 times a week on off-gym days. It's been driving me to distractionfor over a year. What is so confusing is that some nights (1-2 a week) it doesn't happen and I cannot figure out what could have beendifferent onthe previoius days--- diet, fluid intake, etc.
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