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Numbers in your Dreams 1-5

Posted May 29 2009 10:47pm

ONE: THE NUMBER OF UNITY, The Lord our God, is one. We have One Lord, one faith, one baptism. The number One clearly represents unity, primacy, the first, the best, the only, it has no divisors, no factors, no components, it is universal, whole and complete. One is independent of all other numbers, is the source of all other numbers. In this sense it represents God as the beginning and the end, the prime impulse, the source of creation. One, usually represents God, His sovereign rule, His omnipotence, His supremacy, His unique character. One excludes all differences for there is no second with which it can either harmonize or conflict. Thus one, can also represent harmony, unity or peace but because of its reference to God it also means harmony, unity or peace with God.

Other symbolic meanings of the number “one” are: Being #1 in the group, The winner, the #1 team, leadership qualities, first or beginning of something new, original ideas, a pioneer or depending on how it is used it can mean a verse in the bible… 1:1 or reference to a book you are currently reading. Think about what the Number 1 means to you.

TWO: THE NUMBER OF DIVISION. The Son who has two natures: human and divine. There are 2 Testaments: the Old and New. Man is Male and Female, one side being more dominate then the other…off balance. Rom. 9 speaks of two vessels: one for honorable use and the other for dishonorable use. Two types of people: Sheep and Goats. There are two ages, this age and the age to come: Matt. 12:32; 13:39,40,49; Mark 10:30. Two is also symbolic of unity and strength, “where two or more are gathered in my name, and agree together, it shall be done.”

Two is the first number by which we can divide another, in all of its uses this fundamental idea of division or difference shows through. The first time that the word two is used in the bible is in relation to this theme of division. Often times, dreamers who dream of a 2 are experiencing a divided mind. Having a hard time making a decision about which direction to take or what choice to make. The sun and the moon were to mark out the division between the day and the night. Thus the first use of two in the Bible was to make a division. Dreams of #2 often form from the subconscious, the second level of consciousness of the mind. A two can mean a double blessing or a double curse. It can mean you are having twins. Two people in a double bed depict a marital situation. When you think of the number 2, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

THREE: THE NUMBER OF DIVINE PERFECTION. The Trinity consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There are three qualities of the universe: Time, Space, and Matter. To exist (except for God), all three are required. Each quality consists of three elements. Therefore, we live in a trinity of trinities. In the number three we have the first geometric figure. Two straight lines cannot enclose any space or form a planar figure. Three lines are necessary to form a planar figure and three dimensions are required to form a solid. A triangle is the simplest planar figure and a cube is the simplest three-dimensional solid. So as two could represent a square, three could represent a cube or solid contents. Three therefore represents that which is solid, real, substantial, complete and entire. All things that are especially “complete” and entire are stamped with the number three. Some clients who dreamt of a #3, were in need of balance pertaining to their own trinity: The body, the soul and the spirit are symbolized within the dreamers mind to bring attention to areas of strength or weakness. Gods attributes are three - omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. Three legs to a stool can mean balance or a need to balance.
*The three divisions of time - past, present and future.
*The three persons in grammar - me, myself and I
*The sum of all human ability is threefold - thought, word and deed.
*The three kingdoms of matter - animal, vegetable or mineral.

FOUR: THE NUMBER OF CREATION - North, South, East, West; 4 Seasons. The 4th commandment is the first that refers to the earth. The 4th clause of the Lords Prayer is the first that mentions the earth. The four corners of the earth, (The materials of the tabernacle were four and so were the coverings and the ornamentations. We have seen that three represents divine perfection, with special reference to the triune Godhead. The father, one in sovereignty, the Son the second person who was made incarnate and the Spirit the third person of the Godhead. Four is three plus one, and it denotes therefore that which follows the revelation of the three in one God, namely His creative works. God is known by the things which he created and therefore you have the ability to be creative too. Four can also symbolize 4 legs to a chair, indicating a solid foundation. Like any number, 4 can indicate something personal in your life; your 4 children, your 4 husbands, 4 pair of shoes or any other meaning you might identify the number 4 with.

FIVE: THE NUMBER OF GRACE & Redemption. An area of renewal and change in the area or matter it is associated with in the dream. Israel came out of Egypt 5 in rank (Ex 13:18). David picked up 5 smooth stone to fight Goliath (1 Sam. 17:40). The Holy Anointing Oil was pure and composed of 5 parts (Ex. 30:23-25). Five is four plus one, we have seen that there are three persons in the Godhead, four represents their created work. The creation was made subject to corruption, mankind has sown to itself corruption, there is no life without death, therefore be ye transformed…”For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope Romans 8:20” In this verse the word translated as creature is the Greek word ktivsi; ktis’-is, which means the creation, the thing created, or the act of founding or establishing. The Greek word translated as vanity is mataiovth; mat-ah-yot’-ace, which means what is devoid of truth and appropriateness, perverseness, depravity, frailty, want of vigor. Thus this verse could read, For the creation was made subject to frailty. We all fall short, none of us are perfect. Five is the creation plus another. The only possible answer to the corruption and death that is an inevitable part of the creation is Gods power of redemption.

There is no aspect of creation and especially of mankind that deserves or could earn redemption. God can only give redemption as a free unmerited gift. There is an old fashioned word for this undeserved favor, grace. Five is the number of grace as well as forgiveness to others. Is there someone in your life that needs forgiveness and grace from you?

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