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my doctor said i have fluid in my uterus and is going to do more test what are the reason that you would have fluid in your uter

Posted by cutie24

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I have fluid in my uterus,  had laparocopic and hysteroscopy the doc said they have not  fund anything (no fluid).  Had a second scan from another hopital who confirm they had fund fuid again in my uterus and womb.  Please any suggestion.


I was just told the same thing, and am awaiting a call from my gyno. I have a kind of pulse-like feeling and some soreness in my abdominal area. I have had surgery a couple of years back, and they removed one of my ovaries. So, I'm a little worried. Any info on this subject would be really nice.
did you get any further answers? i had an ultrasound done that also showed fluid in my uterus. do you have any other symptoms? i have a vibrating feeling around my pelvic area and wondering if it is related. the radiologist said that the fluid was incidental but he also said that it was not normal, so i'm not sure what that means. i'm still waiting for a call from my obgyn. if you hear anything more, it wud be great to hear.
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