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Meditation Can Help Insomnia

Posted Apr 16 2010 6:46am

Meditation can be tricky as you will know if you have ever tried it. I have always found that my mind- what they call ‘the monkey mind’ just won’t stop wandering.

This is a very common problem  and we are told that you must simply refocus without any fuss. Well I don’t know about you but it bothers me. Sometimes I was thinking of other things the whole time and made no progress that I could tell.

I have always wanted to get the benefits of meditation and so when I came across brainwave entrainment for meditation I decided to try it. The idea is that it is OK if your mind wanders when listening. The entrainment will work by sending your brain waves into a deep alpha rhythm- just like the Zen monks!

You have to set time aside and relax quietly alone of course. But if you do that regularly every day you begin to see some benefit.

If you have trouble sleeping then meditation will help you especially if your insomnia is caused by stress or anxiety.

I have made a video that you might like to look at. It gives you 5 minutes of the ‘Meditate ‘ mp3 and some relaxing pictures to watch as you listen. Meditation Video

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