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Meaning of Dreams

Posted by LucyK

I was reading over this discussion at PeopleJam and became fascinated with the topic.

Do you believe that there are meanings to our dreams, or that dreaming just happens? Sometimes I think that our dreams are our subconscious thoughts working themselves out, then other times I feel like they just happen. What do you think?

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It seems like all of the dreams I remember is my subconsious working itself out. For example, Halloween weekend, I went to a couple of parties on Halloween night and my boyfriend couldn't make it at last minute because he had farm work to do. All I wanted that night was to finish my homework, have a couple of shots, and wear out my backseat! Obviously, it didn't happen that night; the night before was also a disappointment. As a result, on Friday and Saturday night, I had dreams which took place in school and a hotel party, but ended with a man representing my boyfriend trying to seduce me somewhere completely different.

And when I feel disgusting after I've eaten too much, it's normal for me to have dreams of looking in the mirror and having huge wrinkles and peeling skin. Once when I went to bed feeling guilty like that, I had a dream that I was removing my own kidney to lose that extra weight. So from personal experience, I've concluded that dreams are your brain relieving itself of unnecessary stress.


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