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Is there an explanation why I constantly masturbate in my sleep every night?

Posted by 050590

Every single night for the past few months i have woken myself up by masturbating in my sleep. My friends have seen saying " what are you doing?" and me do it when i was unaware of anything. and i my ex girlfriend woken me up wen i looked and one finger was in her vagina and the other i was masturbating with. many of my friends have seen me do this while i am asleep. Is there a name for this because everyone who I ask says it's not normal and it's every single night. Please help. Many Thanks
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i disagree bob c my friend is a compulsive bed wetter "subconscious masturbater" and i fee that what he is doing is perverted and sick i feel the need to help him but fear where his hands have been. so dont tell me that its normal and fine for its wrong and all your doing is hiding the terrible truth that they are perverts

                                  many thanks :)

                                            tom murply (the bed wetter)

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