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Is it possible i am suffering from a form of sleep apnea or other sleeping disorder?

Posted by elv

I keep falling asleep during the day particularly in lectures, watching tv or on buses, trains etc. No matter how much i try to stay awake i can't and i dont feel tired or sleepy. Could it be to do with breathing incorrectly as sometimes i find im holding my breath or barely breathing?
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If you feel tired during the day, despite trying to get enough sleep during the night and your healthy, it could be that you have sleep apnea. Usually people don't know they have it until they get screened for it. Do you snore as well? Snoring is also known to disrupt your sleep and cause drowsiness during the day. While it could be some sleep disorder, it could also be something completely unrelated. The best way to know is to talk to your docotr to get the necessary tests ran to figure out the problem. 
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