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Is it normal for spends spend atleast an hour every night trying to sleep?

Posted by Ali R. Facebook

For as long as I can remember, I've always struggled to fall asleep. Even when I'm tired,I can lay in bed for hours, just thinking, before it finally happens. It seems that my family and friends can literally lay down and be asleep in minutes, but for me to be like that, I have to go 36 hours w/o sleep. I've tried all kinds of techniques to help me fall asleep and the only thing that works is time. I'm also am really only able to nap once or twice a year, because of this. There's really just no point when all of my alloted nap time goes towards trying to fall asleep.

 I'm only 21 and too young to be dependent on sleeping pills, but I hate never getting enough sleep. Is this something to see a doctor about?

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Hi Ali,

 I second Bob's response about exercise. It is one of the most critical triggers to the body to induce sleep. You may be a person that needs to have good exercise every day.

The best clue in your question is the word "think".  My sense is that you also need to cultivate  meditational practice.   Do you meditate?  As the pressure of life increases, this will be considered daily hygiene -- like taking a shower.

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