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In order to understand your drea ...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

In order to understand your dreams, it’s not only important to know about the symbolic language but it’s just as important to understand the divine purpose of dreaming. To know about the language without understanding the interpretation, benefits no one. If God is speaking French and you only understand English, then communication will be a problem!

If God could speak to all mankind, in just one language, which one would he choose?

From the beginning of time, until this very day, every culture of mankind has understood the “language of Art.” Artistic expression can be seen throughout the world, by every culture, from the early cave man to today’s brilliant Artists. Their sketches, their sculptures, their wood carvings, their paintings on rocks, walls, sand or canvas, their home movies, live theater and the matinee… all of them, tell a story or give a message by using symbols, metaphors, and stories (parables). Some of this art culture language will tell us actual facts about the way it was then ( a documentary about yourself), or the way you perceive your life as it is now (can be literal or imaginative, but a story none-the-less).

This Motion picture, or stage play that you view in your sleep is the universal Language of God, it’s the writing on the wall, it’s a picture book, which we all understand, we just don’t know it yet.

Throughout the Bible you will read about dreams given to men (and women) for the purpose of hope, help, clarity, future events, warnings of war or danger, and clear messages about personal flaws. The symbols used in these dreams were given in picture form for the dreamer to interpret. Often times the symbols were ones the dreamer could understand (or relate to), such as the baker dreaming of bread. We will discuss a lot more of this in the blogs to come.

Symbols, metaphors and parables are pictures that tell a story to others or maybe a certain symbol means something to you only. Yes, there are some universal symbols which we will discuss further on, but those symbols are uniquely spoken to you, using people, places and things of which have special meaning to you only.

For instance, if you dreamt about a shaggy dog and your neighbor had a dream about the same dog, on the same night, the interpretation would be uniquely different, even though the dogs have similar faces. You could be dreaming about a favorite pet and your neighbor could be dreaming about wanting a haircut because she feels like a shaggy dog.

At times, there are exceptions like when God spoke to the prophets through visions and dreams, for the purpose of sharing to larger audiences. And, when Jesus spoke in parables to the crowds, the spiritually minded people understood, while others were dumbfounded. When Jacob was given the dream to leave Uncle Laban’s land, Laban had a similar dream which confirmed to Jacob that it was time to go.

Other similarities we all might face in our dreams, are character flaws, which we all have, and according to the Bible and other religious writings, our goal is to develop a Christ-like consiousness as well as developing his character traits. To be free of guilt and shame, making room for spiritual development while maintaining the fruits of the Spirit. All of us will be working on these traits at some time in our life, therefore if you find yourselves talking about similar dream experiences, don’t be surprised. We not only have some of the same flaws, but our ultimate goal is the same too.

There are absolutly “SOME” universal symbols, such as “houses” often represent our spirtual houses. Whether you have a tent, a trailer or an apartment, our goal is to find our “spiritual mansion.” There are many different cultures and religions whose teachings lead us to our spiritual mansions even though the house structure may differ for each dreamer. The process is similar as is the goal, “To rid ourselves of flaws and become more like Christ.”

Jesus continually spoke in metaphors regarding the need to start cleaning our spiritual houses, from the inside, out. Jesus was a living example of what it’s like to walk and talk with God. What Adam took away, Jesus taught us how to get it back! Simply put, if we all lived by the guidelines of the Ten Commandments along with, “love your neighbors as you love yourself,” the world would be a nicer place to live, right?

Nowhere is it written, that this ideal life task would be an easy one. Very few individuals choose the road less traveled, therefore having to struggle through the harsh lessons of life, by trial and error. It is an emotionally painful journey, one that many of us avoid at all cost. To die to the old self-absorbed ways of being and becoming more spiritually enlightened to truth and well being, is the purpose God has for all believers.

Dreams are but one way in which God tries to aid us in this transformation process. Actual Transformation begins when we see the error of our ways and make a conscious effort to bring about some positive changes. Dreams will indeed show us the skeletons in our closets and they will identify character flaws which need to be addressed. Once the old (negative) character begins to clear out, the new has a place to settle in. You can grow at a tremendous speed or take all the time you need. God doesn’t care…he just wants you to get there. Transformation is a process of getting rid of the negative characteristics and developing new, positive ones. The Bible tells us, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2). Listening to your dreams is a great place to start!

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