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I have excessive daytime sleepiness and it is being treated as if I am narcoleptic. I am afriad they may be overlooking somethin

Posted by moebrad

I am 32. I have had insomnia since I was at least 13. I was overweight almost all my life. Had gastic bypass in 2004. Broke a vertebrae that year as well. have been on many meds since. had a daughter in 2006, had back surgery 3 months later, L5-S1 fusion. In 2008, my fiance commited suicide while I was 5.5 mos pregnant. Had my son in sept, my father died in October. This is when I started falling asleep walking, standing whatever. This lasted 2 wks, mainly because I finally caught up on the sleep I missed the last few weeks of my father's life. In January, it started slowly again....worked its way up to me falling asleep ALL the time when trying to do tasks or anything else. was on provigil,worked great for a week-now i'm on my max dose of 400mg twice a day and am still needing naps. sleeping fairly well at night now with limited awakenings, most of the time once or twice. I had a narcolepcy, or "nap test" and i do not go into REM when I "pass out". my cpap test put my air pressure at 6, so my dr said it wasnt worth putting me on a machine right now. now they wanna put me on xyrem. i would still like to know the cause rather than a treatment, even if it does work! i also have asthma and fibromyalgia.
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