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i have a sleeping disorder, what should i do to cope?

Posted by content_emerald

My name is Emerald. for a long time now, i have been having a real hard time falling asleep at night My mind is constantly spinning, i'm thinking about a near future event, about what i could have changed in the recect past. i can't seem to think about in the present moment to being able to rest, and when i do fall asleep, i ususlly wake up in the next 30 minutes during the night, and i can't go back to sleep after that. i have tried "Melatonin", that seemed to have helped, and i have tried warm Ovaltine, and that aslo seemed to have aslo worked.

My question is, why do i have such difficulty falling asleep? is it severe, to a point i need  to talk to my doctor about it?

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How about exercise? It sounds like you have a lot of energy and mental activity that needs an outlet. I would suggest 20-30 minutes of exercise, stretching or cardio, inside or outside, to work out -- and take advantage of -- all that energy. This could make a big difference in calming your body and mind.


this could really help me. I rarely every exercise, but i DO go on a walk every weekend though. would you suggest that i exercise right before i go to bed, or after i wake up?

I love walking, too, and do it regularly.

I would try some relaxing, calming exercises before you go to bed. That way, your mind can be calmed and help you transition into sleep. Try searching the site, like this search I did for "stretch exercises" to get ideas from trainers and experts:

Also, join the Exercise community, and ask the Health Maven for that community for suggestions:

Same with Mind & Body:

And, Meditation:

I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm very familiar with the connection between exercise and good sleep. Let me know how it turns out.


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