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How to get your kids to bed early

Posted Mar 17 2009 4:10am

kids sleep

 It’s 10pm and your kids are still awake and full of energy. They are walking around the house, playing games, or watching TV. You insist that they should be in bed now, but they ignore you. Sometimes you are lucky enough to put your kids in bed, but although they are exhausted, as they hit the pillow, they are awake and ready for another story. I found an interesting article, ” Putting kids to bed" written by a mother of twelve. She says about her own way of making her kids sleep on time. Off course, any mom comes up with new tips and tricks for getting her kids to bed early. I have provided seven tips below, which are completely useful. Read them and try them for your own kids:

1. Set a scheduled bedtime:
Children need a routine sleep schedule. It’s good for their health, and it’s necessary for them to be disciplined while growing up. 8 pm or 9pm is good, since they should go to school in the morning.

2. Discipline your kids from the first day:
If you want to set rules for them, do it as soon as they can communicate and understand when you talk to them. Let them get used to bedtime schedule very young.

3. Feed your kids 2 hours before bedtime:
It is important to stop eating a few hours before bedtime. It will help to have a good sleep and essential for our health. Feed your kids 2 hours before bedtime.

4. Keep the house quiet:
If you want your kids to have a good sleep, which is necessary for their growth, you have to make them the best bedroom conditions for sleep. One of the most important factors is silence. Keep the house as quiet as possible.

5. Finish social activities:
Children are sociable. They like to take part in all family social activities. Make sure to finish any social activity before your kid’s bed time. This way, they wouldn’t feel like missing something interesting.

6. Remind them the bedtime:
15 minutes before bedtime, tell them that they have to clean up everything and get ready for sleep.

7. Read them a story after going to bed:
Buy some story time books only for the bed time. Tell them a story each night after going to bed. Being happy with a new exciting story, they won’t make excuses for going to bed.

After all, children are different. Even two sisters in the same family might be very different, so you should try different tips to finally find a solution for your own kid. Anyways, if you have found any useful tips for getting kids in the bed on time, or making them get used to the bedtime schedule, please write them here. They might work for other children too!

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