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How to Fall Asleep Fast

Posted Sep 29 2009 12:46pm
Many people ask me for advice about how the can fall asleep quickly and easily. My first question is always, "what types of things do you do in the hour before you go do bed?" Inevitably, they will respond with answers like, "watch tv," or "have a snack." The easiest and best way to help yourself fall asleep fast is to have a pre-bedtime routine. It doesn't have to be terribly involved, but it needs to be a set of actions that you take each and every night in the hour, or half hour, leading up to when you go to sleep. Try reading, or having a cup of tea. Meditation is a great activity, as is some very light stretching. The important thing is to try a number of different things that help you unwind and prepare yourself mentally to disengage from whatever you were doing during the day and transition to a mindset that is ready for sleep. Avoid anything that is stimulating or requires much physical exertion, and if you are having trouble falling asleep, don't be afraid to get out of bed and try another technique.
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