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How To Beat Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Posted by Philip T. Healthy Living Professional

If you have ever suffered from insomnia, no one has to tell you how crazy it can make you feel. Not being able to sleep when you desperately want to can be incredibly frustrating. Not getting the rest you need can completely drain your energy and motivation. Plus, the sleep deprivation symptoms that build over time turn you into an accident looking for a place to happen. Would you like to find out how to beat insomnia? It can be done. But first it’s important to determine if your sleeplessness is related to sleep disorders.

Many people mistake insomnia for a disease or disorder. But inability to sleep is really a symptom that something is wrong. Mental conditions like stress or depression can cause insomnia. So can physical pain or side effects of medication. But if these common causes have been ruled out, you need to take a closer look at the possibility that you suffer from sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders are not like a cold or a skinned knee. That is to say, they are not simple conditions, nor are they easily understood. Medical knowledge about conditions that disturb your sleep is continuing to evolve. Research continually leads to new findings. New medications are regularly introduced. So if you’re dealing with a condition like obstructive sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, you will need to stay informed about the latest advances. And you should realize that you may actually know more about your condition than most physicians.

Unfortunately, sleep disorders don’t play well with others. They tend to have a negative effect throughout your body. And they affect more than just your sleep. By keeping you awake all night, your daytime quality of life is harmed just as much as your sleep, if not more. As you continue to miss out on sleep at night, your immune system is weakened. Your reactions become slower. Your thoughts are muddled and foggy.

But none of this means that sleep disorders can’t be controlled. It is possible to do more than just survive. You can learn to deal with your sleep disorder and learn how to beat insomnia. Just remember this: sleep disorders are often around for a long time. To effectively manage your life and health, you may not want to just accept the flavor-of-the-month prescription. A much better solution is to learn how to manage your sleep naturally.

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I have heard of sleep tea - herbal tea which brings good sleep.

Lots of community health centers now have sleep diagnostic labs and sleep specialists. If you live in a research-oriented university or college town, a sleep lab likely exists there. If you are having difficulty sleeping, first try these basice:

--Eliminate or reduce alchohol and caffeine consumption.

--Avoid eating three to four hours before bedtime.

--Go to bed and arise at the same time every day.

--Get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day.

--Use your bed for sleep and sex only. No reading, no television, no keyboarding. This will signal your body to relax when it't time to sleep.

If all of these adjustments fail to make a difference, see your medical caregiver to assess any possible physical problems.


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