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How to avoid falling asleep while driving

Posted Mar 14 2009 1:07am
sleep and driving I scared myself to death today when I was on the way home. Yesterday was a busy day, I had to finish a project and I slept just for three hours last night. This morning I went to work at 6 am. I felt sleepy behind the wheel, but I didn’t care about it. Suddenly, I heard a loud horn and I got up. I had fell asleep while driving!!
Fortunately, I could manage the car. After such a dangerous experience, I decided to search for a solution and write about it. Below are useful tips for preventing falling asleep while driving, but before reading the tips keep one point in your mind:
Make sure to have enough sleep before driving especially when you want to go to a journey. While driving, if you feel sleepy, just stop at the nearest rest station and take a nap for at least 30 minutes.

1. Turn off the heater of your car, because warm weather makes you more sleepy and tired.

2. Roll down both driver and right back windows. The air flow makes you refresh and less sleepy.

3. Chew gum. While driving, you are doing a constant work in a particular position for a long time, so if you start doing something with an organ, you can refresh yourself.

4. Turn on the radio and listen carefully.
This concentration prevents you from falling asleep.

5. Sing. Yes! just sing loudly.
No matter if your voice is perfect or not. No matte if you know the melody or lyric. No one in the road will hear you. Just sing loudly for yourself to prevent sleepiness.

6. Talk with anyone who is in the car. Talk about politic and economics issues, or about other people you know.

7. Drink coffee or energy drink. These drinks make your mind refresh and help you won't feel sleepy.

Just keep in your mind that when you are driving, not only are you responsible for life, but also for other people's lives who are in your car or other cars in the freeway.
If you have a story about driving and falling asleep, I'll be glad to hear it. If you have a tip list like above on the net, please put a link to mine.

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