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How do you tell the difference between a familiar spirit and a visiting relative, in a dream?

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:32pm

Dear Dr Kathy,

I have a question…I saw one time on your site that sometimes your relatives or something can visit you in your dreams…how? I’ve been trying to research in the bible but its not easy…I know for a saint to be absent in the body is to be present with the lord and God is the only spirit that is omnipresent, right. So can entities visit? What if they weren’t saved, do they Go straight to hell or no because there is an appointed time? How then do you tell the difference between that and a familiar spirit?

Hi Brenda,
Boy is this a loaded question!
There are things that occur that are not written in scripture but still happen. We don’t know much about Jesus as a child but we can be sure he had a childhood knowing the fact he was
born an infant, being raised to be an adult.

A familiar spirit would be a liar, giving false information. A spirit that has crossed over and is with God can only reveal truth. It is important that we test these spirits to know who they
actually represent.

If a deceased relative shows up in a dream, sometimes its symbolic, representing similar characteristics of which you both have.

Our God is omnipresent, but souls/spirits have the ability to travel the universe at will through meditation or by dreaming. You are correct in saying “I know for a saint to be absent in the body is to be present with the lord,” however when we are in a dream state, we are in “the spirit.” It is only our bodies that need rest. The spirit needs no rest. So while the body sleeps, the spirit wanders.

An example of deceased visitation would be when Moses and Elijah were visiting Jesus on the mount as a way of comfort before his death. Jesus spoke to the spirit of lazarus when he
commanded him to rise up and walk.

As far as family from hades, they would need the permission of God for a returned visit. I suspect the answer is oftentimes ‘NO” Therefore if we don’t get visits from some family, you may consider their where their resting place is.

I hope I answered your question. It wasn’t one that can be answered yes or no.

Dr Kathy

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