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How Can Dreams Help me in Every Day Life?

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:19pm

By DrKathy

Dreams are a way to see and understand yourself:
A dream is the window to the soul. The dream mirrors a clear view of your self in action. In life we wear many hats and play many roles. How we act toward others and how others perceive us is often revealed. Our dreams will show us aspects, gifts, talents, or defects about ourselves that we had not yet recognized. You may dream about playing a piano to reveal to you a possible talent within. Try taking some lessons and see what happens.

In dreams, we often act out the roles we play in life. To my kids I might be a wicked step-mother. To my husband I may see my self as a queen. To my father I expect to be treated like a princess and I play the role of a servant girl to my boss. We may be the leader in one relationship, but be a follower in another. With some people I might act aggressive but with others I am timid. Our dreams reveal all this to us along with symbols and metaphors. Jesus oftentimes spoke in parables when he walked the earth, and still speaks to us in the same manner from heaven! These stories that are portrayed in our dreams give us important insights about our lifestyles, our attitudes, our actions and our subconscious thoughts. By looking at our character defects, we can choose to improve it rather then letting it fester. As you learn more about who you really are and what you have to offer others through service, you will become the renewed soul of the living God.

Dreams teach us about relationships. How you get along with others, the problems you may encounter with them and/or a suggested solution is given. You may be shown why you and your spouse are having problems. Look at the interaction within the dream and be sure to hold yourself accountable for your part of the cause. Lets say you dream about your sister and brother in law having a verbal fight. You wake up thinking, My sister is a real nag, no wonder my brother-in-law never wants to stay home. NOW, apply that to you and your relationship. Are you the nag or the one who doesn’t want to stay home? Dreams will help you to see things from a different perspective to aid you in your understanding.

Dreams reveal Attitudes and Motives. Your beliefs, your attitudes and prejudices toward others at home, work or play are revealed. These negative character flaws are creating negative outcomes which need correction. The Bible is continually telling us to renew our minds, cleanse ourselves of the old nature, take on the fruits of the spirit and become more like Christ. Our dreams will help us to do just that by revealing the truth about ourselves so we can do something about it. After all, we can’t fix what we don’t see as being broken.

Dreams reveal Spiritual Progress. Our dreams will point out the misunderstandings, misconceptions or misinterpretations which stand in the way of our spiritual progress. Sometimes we get “off track,” Sometimes we live in a beautiful mansion and another time we live in a messy apartment. These are symbolic of our spiritual progress and personal state of mind around the time frame of the dream.

Dreams reveal unknown facts. Dreams will reveal where to find a lost item. Dreams will alert you to possible danger. Dreams can show you the motive of others to help you from making a negative decision. You wake up, knowing, “something is not right. Somebody is trying to con me or “pull the wool over my eyes.” Prophetic dreams of the future are revealed just as Abraham dreamt of his son Issac 25 years before he was to be born. The dream gives us a vision of hope for our future. It helps us to stay focused on the goal!

So, can dreams help us in our everyday lives? Absolutely, they can!

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