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Glo to Sleep

Posted by LucyK

I have difficulty falling asleep at night and am not thrilled at the idea of taking medication to put my mind to rest at night. I was watching the news one night and was surprised to find that there was a product that was proven to effectively calm you to sleep. 

Glo to Sleep is a drug free mask that uses precise pattern of blue glow inside a custom eye covering, creating a natural way to get to sleep quickly.

The mask works like counting sheep, but instead of concentrating on soft fuzzy animal, you keep your eyes on soft blue glow, which keeps you from repetitive and worrying thoughts and easing you into sleep. 

The mask is reported to have no side effects and gives you a solid 6-7 hours of sleep. Not too shabby.   

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This looks worth investigating. I take so much medication, I don't want to add any more.

LucyK, did you try it? Or do you know anyone that has? If so, could you write me and let me know so I can talk to them because I'm really interested.

Thanks a lot for the information.


Health Maven

I have tried every prescription product on the market for insomnia and none of them worked; my cousin referred me to the web site there I purchased a package of Somatize.  I tried one serving and I was a sleep in 20 minutes and after using it for 3 nights I did not need it anymore.  I am not joking!
Just like the trance song, "I can’t get no sleep".  That is how I feel every night when I get home from work.  I do customer service and after 8 hours of listening to idiots scream at me; I usually go home eat watch spike tv and try to go to bed.  Well, that does not work to well.  So I Tried G- Monster> from I took one serving; and some time after I was out like a light. I really worked.
I never had  trouble falling asleep, but lately I just can't rest, I'm too tired to go to sleep right away. I don't want to take pills so I've found a more natural and easy way to fall asleep - a massage mat. I spend about 25-30 minutes on it, after which I feel completely relaxed, warm and calm. Then I am ready for a good night sleep. The thing is I bought it for treating back pain but later discovered it works as a relaxant as well. I found an explanation on the homepage HERE, maybe you will find it usefull too:
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