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Drowning Toddler Dream

Posted Apr 17 2010 11:12am

Dear Dr Kathy,
In my dream, I was in a tub with my toddlers (4 and 2) and my mother came in. Side note: It was weird because an old friend of mine also came in the tub, another friend’s toddler, and eventually my husband who came afterward (who I promptly told to cover up!) I saw my oldest struggling to keep his head afloat so I drained the water out (which was mucky from cleaning products) to fresh, warm water. My two year old was on my right side at the time when I realized that I didn’t see him anymore. I looked below and he was under the water. I quickly grabbed him and tried to hand him to my mother to help me revive him, (he was not breathing at first) but she hesitated to grab him, not knowing what was going on. So I turned him over and hit him on his back until water came out of his mouth and he started breathing again. I was relieved at first, but after a little while, I noticed that he was dosing off in the tub again. At this point, my oldest son had gotten out of the water. I laid him out on the ground and pushed his chest in for CPR and more water started coming out of his mouth, I repeated this action. At the same time, I lay my hands on his head and prayed vigorously for his healing in Jesus’ Name. He seemed to be reviving, going in and out of consciousness, then I woke up. This is the second or third time I have dreamed that my son was nearly drowning, the last dream I had like this, he was drowning in a lake or pond. Thank you so much for your help.

Side note: In a completely different dream last night, my husband, the kids and I were going down a pier into a shallow body of water that was calm. He put his foot in the water but it was cold, so he told us to stay there while he swept the water away with a broom. After doing so, he helped us down and we put our feet in wet sand. That’s all I remember regarding that.

Dear Ashanda,
The tub of murky water is where you are spiritually. This indicates spiritual exhaustion on your part (and husband if he is in the same water.) The people in your life, the church, friends and family members zap you of your spiritual energy, leaving yourself wide open for spiritual attack. You are struggling to stay a float, trying to be all things to all people. You are willing to breathe life into others, healing them, but neglecting self. You may need to ask your Mom to help you with the kids for time-out.

The dream that follows at a calm beach indicates a definite need to take time-out for your spiritual renewal and healing for yourself. I hope you are praying for protection for you and family from attack otherwise negativity can attach itself to us, causing us to feel weighed down. You Need some spiritual cleansing and renewal but you are not taking heed to the dream warnings. This is why you are having so many dreams of drowning and water. I wish you blessings and rest.


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