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Dreams About Physical Illness & Solutions

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:32pm

Dreams About Physical Illness & Solutions
by Dr Kathy

Dreams can warn us about potential health problems and many times offer remedy’s. When a disease begins to develop in the body, dreams will often provide warnings of specific problems before physical symptoms have manifested. The dream may show you the problem and offer a solution. The dream will either be a literal physical ailment or it might be a symbolic dream which indicates the area of trouble.

A client of mine, Wendy, had a symbolic dream about a rundown voltswagon bug car. “It was a cute car but it kept running out of gas. I’d put a few dollars into the tank but it still ran so slow. The car seemed in good shape on the outside but the engine would huff and puff like it just ran a marathon uphill.”

I had to first ask Wendy to describe to me “what do you think of first when you think of a voltswagon bug? “What does this car symbolize to you?”

“I think they are a cute little car but they don’t seem to have much power or pick-up . They are good on gas I’m told.”

I told Wendy that our dreams can inform us precisely what is out of balance in our current physical state. I suspected this dream was telling Wendy to slow down because she was getting run down, and would soon get sick if she didn’t.

Wendy was in good physical shape for her height and petite size and she is a very cute young woman. I told her that the car was symbolic of her physical state right now. Wendy confirmed that she had too much work and worry on her plate and she was running herself down. She was eating just enough and sleeping just enough to get by, but (a few dollars of gas) would not sustain her energy level throughout the day. She needed more fuel, and more rest, then she would have the energy to get up and go at a faster pace.

Wendy’s dream was a warning about a possible health problem of which she repaired immediately by following her dream advice.

Another woman, Phyllis, was currently having intestinal/digestive problems and dreamt she was eating papaya and yogurt at McDonalds. “Yuk, I don’t like either one of those foods,” she exclaimed. However, the dream was showing her 2 types of foods that would naturally help to balance her digestive system, rather than eating hamburgers and fries. I suggested she try ordering a parfait at McDonalds with the crunchy Granola on top, rather than the burger and fries. She could also try eating dried papaya as a snack or part of a trail mix that would give her the fiber she needed as well. After grumbling under her breath, she promised to try it God’s way. This was his prescription to a healthier stomach and she was sure he knew what he was doing.

Less than a week had passed when Phyllis called to tell me she has been following her heavenly doctors orders and she was feeling great. “I eat Activia yogurt with fruit in it every morning and sprinkle granola cereal on top and it tastes just like a McDonalds Parfait! I am learning to like that trail mix with papaya in it too. It’s not so bad, when it’s mixed in with other fruits and nuts.” I guess God really does know what he is talking about!

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