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Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

Contributing Editorial

Perhaps only 5% of our dreams are about others. This dream is not talking about parts of yourself,but about real outer situations. I have discovered that the more right brain a person is (i.e., visionary and intuitive) the more likely he is to dream further away from home (away from his own self). That means that right brain people may be more likely to have a greater number of dreams about others. For example, I have noted that three different woman who scored 7.7 on the “Brain Preference Indicator” est in the Communion with God book (the highest score I have seen) have vivid dreams about others in which they see the murders, rapes, and thefts taking place in their communities that night, and which are indeed reported in the newspaper the following day. These were literal dreams of real life events.

Obviously, not all dreams about others show such fearsome pictures. ( Dr Kathy dreams about others as use for counseling, being able to go right to the source of the problem according to the symbology she receives about that person.) These are gifted individuals, not everyday dreamers.


1. You are an observer of the action. If you play an active role in the dream, it is likely a dream about you. If you are only an observer to the activity of the dream, it is likely a dream about others. However, Pay attention to the overall actions because those actions may speak louder than words. If a child or children are clowning around and you don’t know these children, then the dream may be showing you that you play around to much or maybe need to play more.

2. The dream just does not fit your life. You should always ask God, “Lord, show me any way the events in this dream are revealing struggles my heart is currently facing.” If you cannot see that the dream is talking about an issue you are facing, and your spiritual counselor cannot help you see how this may be
something your heart is currently processing, then you may assume that the dream is not about you.

Following are some biblical dreams that demonstrate this principle:

Gen. 15:1-21 Abraham in interaction with God & sleeps = dream about himself
Gen. 20:1-18 Abimelech and God in interaction = dream about himself
Gen. 28:10-22 Jacob being spoken to by God = dream about himself
Gen. 31:10-29 Jacob and God in interaction = dream about himself
Gen. 37:1-11 Joseph and brothers in interaction = dream about himself
Gen. 40:1-23 Cupbearer and Baker = dreams about themselves
Gen. 41:1-49 Pharaoh’s dream of 7 cows = dream for others
Gen. 46:1-7 Israel in dialogue with God = dream about himself
Judges 7:9-18 Loaf of bread hitting camp = dream about himself
1 Kings 3:5-28 God and Solomon interact = dream about himself
Daniel 2:1-49 Statue hit by stone = dream about others
Daniel 7:1-28 Four beasts = dream about others
Daniel 8:1-27 Ram and goat = dream about others
Daniel 10:1-12:13 Terrifying vision = dream about others
Matt. 1:20-25 God spoke to Joseph = dream about himself
Matt. 2:3-15 God spoke to Joseph = dream about himself
Matt. 2:19-23 God spoke to Joseph = dream about himself

Summary: Thirteen (13) dreams about the dreamer; four dreams about others. (We did not list all dreams in the Bible). We just wanted to make a point that most dreams are messages to you or about you.

Notice that the dreams for or about others were prophetic in nature and were all given to kings who ften sent for interpreters such as with Joseph and the Pharoh, concerning the future of his kingdom. Those gifted with ministry of healing may dream of another person’s ailiment as a word of knowledge. Those who are prayer worriors may receive messages about others regarding those who need prayer.

The basic principle which may be drawn from this is that dreams (and indeed all revelation from the Holy Spirit) are only given to us if it applies to our own area of responsibility. It can be about our job, our home, our children, our spouse, our finances, our character defects, our close friends or relatives. We do not hear from God about people over whom we have no influence, authority or accountability. What purpose would it serve to dream about the lives of strangers unless we had some special calling? The dream is sent to the dreamer because the message is for him. Joseph dreamt that his future wife was with child, later he dreamt that he and Mary had to flee to Egypt for safety. Mary dreamt that Elizabeth was pregnant (with John the baptist), then she went to see her. None of these individuals doubted the messages given, but instead acted on them right away. I also find it interesting that the believers had no problem understaning their dreams, but the non-believers needed interpreters.

All kinds of dreams can contain symbolic language, literal language, or a combination of symbolic and literal language. When interpreting dreams, look for metaphors, similes, and metonymies of our language. Dreaming about ketchup may be calling you to “catch up” in some area. A fire may be trying to warn you that you are “playing with fire.” A dream of being smothered or drowned may indicate that you are feeling “in over your head.” A frozen lake, an ice flow, or even ice cubes may be cautioning you that you are only seeing “the tip of the iceberg.” Having your glasses broken may be an indication that you are not seeing the situation clearly. One lady reported that a dream of a fire in the kitchen of her house was a warning that she had an inflammation in her digestive tract. Other examples of word plays that may how up in your dreams include: “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes;” “being born in a barn;” “being up the creek without a paddle;” “as the crow flies;” “throwing the baby out with the bath water;” “on a level playing field;” “throwing a wrench in the works;” “at the eleventh hour;” or “speaking with a forked
tongue.” Your heart may use one of these pictures in your dreams, expecting that you will understand the symbolic meaning of the expression.

Think outside the box! Be prepared for unexpected and clever ways for your heart to get its point across
to your conscious mind. Be open to plays on words and lateral connections. Finally, always remember that God is big enough and gracious enough to make sure that you understand the message He wants to give you. If your understanding of dream interpretation is different than that given above, He will meet ou in the dream according to your expectations. taking place in their communities that night, and which
are indeed reported in the newspaper the following day. These were literal dreams of real life events. Obviously, not all dreams about others show such fearsome pictures.

Note: Dr Kathy does not approve nor condone editorial contributions to this blog. She believes we all have a right to share our experiences and opinions. Its up to the reader to decide upon whether it is truth for them…or not.

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