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Dreams about Having Sex

Posted Oct 18 2009 10:02pm

Sexual Dreams
Have you ever dreamed of having sex with someone you know, but aren’t the least bit attracted to? Or dreamed of romping in bed with a celebrity - or even a stranger? Have you ever dreamed of having sex with (gasp!) an animal? Such titillating dreams are perfectly normal. Sex can be a symbol of being intimately involved in a situation or a simple coming together of opposites. It could also symbolize the possibility of a new birth, coming from the union of two concepts, two opposing ideas, coming together. I have had dreams about having sex with my boss (male or female) usually indicating merging ideas or being in one accord about a project. Much depends on the feelings, actions, and background of the dream.

These dreams often symbolize your sexual attitudes or desires, or they can reflect your urge to merge with a characteristic of your dream lover - a quality that you want in yourself. I have dreamt of Patrick Swayze because I desired his talent to dance. So, I took some dance lessons to meet the desire and Waa’La….I can dance! I’ve dreamt of other celebrities because of characteristics I either already have but don’t recognize or the celebrity has characteristics I admire and desire To merge with them (develop them in myself). As you can see, sex dreams aren’t always about sex.

Your sex life
The most obvious reason for dreaming of sex is that you went to bed aroused, and the dream was a reflection of your, um, hormones. The dream might have provided an outlet for suppressed desire, or your unconscious mind might have wanted you to take notice of this part of your life - are you, by any chance, neglecting it? After all, the purpose of most dreams is to illuminate your inner world, so you can lead a more fulfilling life - in this case, a more fulfilling sex life.

However, as with all dreams, sexual dreams are seldom quite this obvious. If you awaken wondering why on earth you dreamed of being in bed with your boss, for instance, then the dream probably isn’t about desire, but about something else going on inside you as I stated above. A person living alone or single and among the same sex type may need to balance their life and have a very real need to converse, touch, and interact with someone of the opposite sex.

We need to remember that there is a strong connection between creativity, spirituality and sex. All of these stem from the same center of the brain. The difference lies in the direction of our will. Often a strong sex drive is an inner urge to connect with God, to become more spiritual or a need to develop your spirituality to fill the void. If you find your sex life isn’t filling your void, nor is your creativity filling the void, you can be sure it’s a spiritual fix that you need.

Individuals who block their sexual desires because they fear its wrong, its dirty, or you feel guilty. Maybe you just repress it for religious reasons? Maybe you have low self worth and don’t date much? In any case, you need an outlet or a release and dreams are great for doing that for us. This works in other areas of our life also, such as repressed emotions can be expressed within dreams to get some relief.

All about you
The thing to remember is that most dream symbols represent parts of you in some way. Take that naughty dream about your boss - it may represent a merging of the minds or maybe you are wanting to be your own boss? The same can be true of doing the wild thing with a wild animal in a dream. You’re embracing your instinctual side, which can be a source of creativity - or a symbol of undisciplined behavior you need to reign in. Celebrities fall into this category as well. If you dream of having sex with someone famous, ask yourself what you admire - or despise! - about this person. Chances are, that quality is being awakened in you.

Your Lover
On the other hand, dreams of sex with your significant other can reveal the health of your intimate connection. Take note of how you feel upon waking. Positive feelings point to a healthy sexual bond. Waking up feeling angry or frustrated is a warning sign that something’s amiss in your relationship. Hidden feelings can surface in dreams, so do some soul-searching to see if there’s an issue you need to talk over with your partner.

Gender bender
Dreams of merging with the opposite sex can also symbolize the merging of 0pposite “halves” of your psyche. If you’re a woman, you’re integrating the male (assertive, analytical, logical) part of your psyche. If you’re a man, you’re accessing the female (receptive, nurturing, passive) side of yourself. The more balanced you are, the more mental and emotional resources you’ll have at your disposal.

What about doing the deed with someone you don’t know? Strangers usually represent the awakening of a trait or talent that you’re presently unaware of. Again, note any feelings you have about the dream. This will reveal whether the trait is something you want to develop - or a troubling issue you need to resolve.

There is still much more about sex dreams we could discuss but if you have any questions, feel free to write and share your sex dream with us.

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