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Dream of planting flowers and Flying

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:02pm

Dear Dr Kathy
I had a dream where I was in the back yard with my wife, her three baby girls, and her son while planting flowers about the backyard of our home. all the while, I was soaring unbelievably high. I would fly around with great control and speed. I would practically launch myself straight into the sky until I couldn’t see my house, then fly back down, land, and then walk over and help the girls plant flowers. I flew around the yard in circles playing with them, then shoot myself back into the heavens. Before I napped and had this dream, I prayed for financial increase and my own business doing what I am gifted and passionate of … music. What did this dream mean?


Dear Kevin,

I can tell by your dream that you are very compassionate about your music and about your family.

Flowers are an expression of Love, compassion, caring thoughts, happiness and freedom. Flowers may also be time-tellers as many blossoms are closely associated with a particular season.You didn’t say if your flowers were seeds or in pots so the time factor would be according to bloom. If the flowers are are in bud, its like a promise of good things to come, eventual fruits of your labors. The type of flower you are planting also has specific character and meaning, so feel free to write me back if you know what flowers your planting. In any case, you are planting hope, affirmations, prayers and goals for the near future.

Flying and shooting for the sky are your high ideals and desires. Coming back down to earth is being realistic and facing today’s responsibilities, your family. They appear to support you in your dreams as you do theirs. You think in circles and doubt yourself at times about the decision to follow through on your plans. At this point, watering and nurturing those ideas (flowers) will determine the outcome. Flowers in bloom is what you seek…be patient and faithful and your dreams will come true.

Best Wishes…and thank you for sharing!

Dr Kathy

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