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Dream of Angels

Posted Jan 30 2010 8:39pm

Dear Dr Kathy,
What does it mean when I see an angel 10 ft tall wings expanded all the way to the left and to the right carrying a 2 story pink house fully intact that was falling down from heaven -nothing was wrong with this house but he was carrying it on his back -descending down to me.. I was on hill praying with an unbeliver and a pastor with his wife .. whom they couldn’t see except me -this angel came down to me -smiled and carried this house away back up and disappeared into heaven - and then he disappeared into heaven and then a gray cloud appeared right in front of us again -and from this gray an angel manifested out of this angel and became a full body angel.. what does this mean to you?

Dear Dreamer,

Sounds to me like you saw a real angel bringing you your hearts desire (answered prayers). Pink is a color of love, happiness, fulfillment, answered prayers. Are you a Pastor praying for a wife by any chance? I ask because I believe the unbeliever is you. My personal experience with gray cloud angels have been angels of darkness who seek to decieve, cause self doubt and destroy your faith. Whatever the delay is that you are waiting for, don’t give up the faith….Its on its way. Get closer to God (hill-top), Rebuke the devil and he will flee. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…don’t let negativity enter your mind regarding this prayer. Pray with a heart of Graditude, “Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers….

Hope this helps


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