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Dream of a wedding veil-becoming ONE with God

Posted Feb 06 2010 9:21pm

Dear Dr Kathy,
What does it mean when you have a dream of being in this boat with a male and the current is fine and you row to the river’s edge toward a mountain. You then stare at this marble church sign. and a tablet was next to it. The tablet was inside the glass and marble stone was around it. It was really beautiful, and inside the glass, the tablet had quotes or words on it and sand was falling over it show the words. and then the man and I looked at the sign on the marble stone. It was a bar design on the stone and the Man said that he thought the design of the bar would be pretty on a clip being in my hair or veil. (I had on a wedding veil) and he placed it in my hair and then I woke up.
What’s wrong?

Dear Lisha,
This sounds like a very spiritual dream to me. The smooth boat ride to the edge of a lake toward a mountain is symbolic of a spiritual journey…moving closer to God. The church sign, the tablet, indicate a spiritual message. A bar design (as in music bars)?? I am not clear on what u mean here. Putting the clip in your hair is saying “listen to my words, meditate upon them, become one with me and my word.” The man can represent a messenger of God or a Guide of sorts. The sand falling over the words could be saying you need a firm, solid, marble foundation. Know what you believe and why you believe it.
God bless
Dr Kathy

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